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Humility is essential for meditation. Clive has had the good fortune to take many teachings from excellent teachers and the whole purpose of this website is dedicated to the happiness and well being of everyone. Especially, that all may develop humility, peace, compassion and an increasing sense of the preciousness of this human life.

Clive Holmes has been teaching meditation for the last twenty years all over the UK, as well as in Samye Dzong centres overseas. He has completed over a year in intensive retreat and has studied in Europe and India with teachers from Burma, South East Asia, Japan and Tibet. He also has a degree in western philosophy. He is co-editor of  the books "Taming the Tiger" and "Restoring the Balance" by Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche.  He also has an honorary appointment as Teaching Fellow in the School of Education at Aberdeen University to do with the MSc Mindfulness program at Samye Ling

The Four Immeasurables

May all beings have happiness and create the causes of happiness.
May they all be free from suffering and from creating the causes of suffering.
May they find that noble happiness that can never be tainted by suffering.
May they attain universal, impartial compassion, beyond worldly bias towards friends and enemies.

Guardian Article 16th January 2010

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